Tuesday October 12

"Welcome" and moderator

Alison Maitland
Aison Maitland is a writer, speaker and conference moderator specialising in leadership, diversity, and the changing world of work.

A former Financial Times journalist, she is co-author of the prize-winning book Why Women Mean Business (Wiley). Ms Maitland is Director of The Conference Board’s European Council for Diversity in Business and is a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Management at Cass Business School in London.

She previously worked for the Financial Times for 20 years, including eight years as Management Writer. She speaks frequently at public conferences and internal corporate events, and regularly contributes articles and columns to the Financial Times, The Conference Board Review and other media.

We need Women in High-Level Decision-Making Positions

Trond Giske
Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry
Trond Giske is the Minister of Trade and Industry representing the Norwegian Labour Party. From 2005-2009, he served as Minister of Culture and Church Affairs, and in 2000-2001 he served as Minister of Education, Research and Church Affairs. He has been an elected representative of the Norwegian Parliament since 1997.

Trond Giske displays a special interest in business development, and emphasizes the importance of a functional framework and increased globalisation. He is also a strong voice for more diversity in boards of directors, as appointing only men, leaves 50 percent of the human cap
ital outside important business decisions.

“Diversity at the Top - Women Matter“
- Research findings

Liv Forhaug
Principal, McKinsey & Company
Liv Forhaug is a Partner in McKinsey & Company, where she has worked for 14 years. She leads McKinsey's Scandinavian Consumer practice, and mainly works with clients on themes related to Strategy, Organization, M&A, Sales & Marketing.

Liv also leads McKinsey's internal Women's Initiative across the Europe/Middle East/Africa region. The initiative aims to further the advancement of women's careers in McKinsey, spanning key levers such as recruiting, mentorship, training, and community building, and embedding gender diversity as a priority for office leadership. Externally, McKinsey's "Women Matter" research (2007-2009) has established a strong link between female representation in senior positions and company performance, and is widely quoted internationally

“The Effects of the Norwegian Quota Law for Boards”
- preliminary findings

Marit Teigen
Research Director and Dr. polit., Sociology at the Norwegian Institute for Social Research
Marit Teigen has published several articles and books in English and Norwegian on gender equality policies, discourses on equality policies and attitude change. Her PhD dissertation Quotas and Controversies” is partly published in English. Mari has recently finished a comparative study of the public gender political discourses in Norway and Sweden.

At the Institute for Social Research she is currently leading a major study on how the quota law has affected Norwegian Boards. Mari has also been engaged in European projects on women and ownership, and work-life balance i,e., the Focus project.

Vibeke Heidenreich
Cand. polit. Cand.philol, Sosiology, History
Vibeke Heidenreich is a researcher at the
Institute for Social Research (ISF), a private research foundation in Oslo, working on a project about recruitment of women to large company boards, financed by the Research Counsil of Norway (RCN). She also worked as a consultant/researcher in Norsk Gallup (TNS Gallup) and ScanFact, Vikeke is a Ph.d. student in sociology at the University of Oslo (UiO) and holds a Cand. philol (master) degree in history and a Cand. polit. (master) in sociology (1998), also
from UiO.

“Boardroom Changes”
- Panel discussion and Q&A

Elisabeth Grieg
Chair, Grieg Group
Elisabeth Grieg is the Chair of Grieg International and has had an international career in shipping and banking all her working life. She chairs the Grieg Shipping Group and is a Board member of Staoil ASA
and has served on the boards of several other corporations
over the years. In 2008 she was elected President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, their first ever woman President. Elisabeth is also well known for her strong social commitment through her work for SOS-barnebyer Norge and
the Grieg Foundation.

Harald Norvik
Chairman of the Board of Telenor and Aschehoug
Harald Norvik is chairman of the Board of Telenor and Aschehoug, member of the Board of Directors in ConocoPhillips Inc. and member of the board
of PGS.

He was the president and CEO of Statoil from 1988-1999, a finance director and a member of the executive board of the Aker Group from 1981 to 1988. He served as personal secretary to the Prime Minister of Norway (1976-79) and as Deputy Minister in The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (1979-81). He is strategic advisor and partner of ECON.

Jannik Lindbæk
Former chairman of Statoil ASA
Formerly chairman of Statoil, DnB NOR Bank, CEO of Storebrand, Nordic Investment Bank and IFC (WBG) in Washington DC, The Bergen Music Festival and Transparency International.

Today Jannik serves on the boards of Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Shipping and Gearbulk Holding and is a much used advisor to Norwegian companies.

Jarl Ulvin
Managing Partner and Director of Investments, Odin Forvaltning.
Jarl Ulvin has worked in the finance sector for more than 25 years, initially as a researcher and analyst and later as account manager at insurance and brokerage companies with particular focus on Norwegian shares.

For the last 6 years, Jarl has been investment manager at Odin and in this capacity serves on the nomination committees of several Norwegian corpo-rations.


Knut Brundtland,
Partner, ABG Sunndal Collier
Knut Brundtland is a partner at ABG Sunndal Collier, where he will assume the responsibility of CEO in late October 2010. Knut serves in the board of several Norwegian and international companies ranging from arts, media and industry including A-Pressen, Astrup Fearley, Aschehoug, Leaseplany. Knut was a partner at BAHR, a leading Norwegian law firm.

Mai-Lill Ibsen
Portfolio NED
Mai-Lill Ibsen is Vice-chairman of the board of Folketrygdfondet,and board member in Carnegie ASA, E-CO Energi AS, CorpNordic A/S and Unifor. Mai-Lill is former CEO of Citi Bank Norway. She has an MBA from Stanford and has has extencive experience from the financial sector in different executive positions.

Tone Bjørnov
Portfolio NED
Following a successful career in banking, Tone Bjørnov has been a portfolio NED since 2005. Today, she serves on the board of several Oslo Stock Exchange listed companies in the finance, automotive and seismic industries, fish farms and cosmetics. She also serves on audit committees and nomination committees.

Heidi M Petersen
Portfolio NED
Heidi M. Petersen has held leading positions in
the Norwegian oil & gas industry including, CEO of Future Engineering and Rambøll Oil & Gas AS and head of Kværner Oil&Gas, In 2000, she headed a manage-ment buy-out that led to the start up of Future Engineering in 2000.

Heidi has varied board experience of industrial, oil and gas-based operations, energy supply and financial enterprises. She currently chairs the board of Sande-fjord Airport and TS-Group (Oil Services) is member of the board of Norsk Hydro, Eitzen Chemicals, Calora Subsea AS, Songa Floating Production and Nordea AB.

aaseÅse Aulie Michelet
Former CEO Marine Harvest, Board member of Orkla ASA
Åse Aulie Michelet is a former CEO of Marine Harvest ASA, the world’s leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon. Before joining Marine Harvest, she was CEO of Amersham Health until the 2004 takeover by GE. She currently serves on the board of Orkla ASA

Wednesday October 13

“Gender Equality Pays Off”

Audun Lysbakken
Norwegian Minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion
Audun Lysbakken is the minister responsible for children's affairs and integration issues. On 20
Oct. 2009 he assumed leadership of the Ministry of Children and Equality as well as the integration and diversity department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. He stated his political carreer in Bergen as a member of the City Council and has held several political positions.

“Rising to the Challenge” - Selected initiatives

“The Female Future Programme”

John G Bernander
CEO Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
The Female Future Programme, a new and innovative project, was the CNE’s 2003 response to the possible quota of 40% women to corporate boards. Female Future focuses on how to bring more women into top management positions as well as into the companies’ boardrooms.

Established the Confederation's "Female Future Project.", now exported to Austria and Uganda.

“Board Training & candidate database

Gunn Ovesen
President and CEO, Innovation Norway
Innovation Norway promotes profitable, nationwide industrial development to both the business economy and Norway’s national economy, and helps release the potential of different regions by contributing towards innovation, internationalisation and promotion.

Following the “quota law” Innovation Norway offered nationwide board courses for would-be non-executive directors and developed an open database where course graduates (men and women) were able to log their CV and hence signal to chairmen and investors their interest and ability to take on NED positions.

“The Professional Boards Forum”

Elin Hurvenes
Founder of Professional Boards Forum
In 2003, Elin Hurvenes founded the Professional Boards Forum in Norway. The Forum brings together chairmen and experienced business women with a view to expand networks and raise the visibility
of women board candidates.

In 2008, Elin set up the UK Professional Boards Forum with business partner Jane Scot and the support of Vodafone, Royal Bank of Scotland, Pearson, Accenture and PwC. Elin has a BA from Oxford Brookes and an MBA from London Business School.

“Women on Boards – A Global Trend?”

“French Board Quota and Mentoring Programme

Anne Bouverot
Executive VP, Mobile services, France Telecom Orange
Anne Bouverot is a senior executive at France Telecome Orange. She has worked in Europe and the USA and recently been part of the FTSE100 Cross-Mentoring Programme where executive women are mentored by FTSE100 chairmen. Presently, she is involved in setting up a similar offer in France. In 2008, Anne was appointed as Non Executive Director of Groupama.

“Feedback from UK Chairmen”

Helen Pitcher
Chairman of IDDAS
Helen Pircher is Chairman of IDDAS, one of the UK’s leading consultancies for Board and Senior Level Board Effectiveness, Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development and Assessment. Helen was the Divisional Board Director for Grand Met and started CEDAR International, now transitioned into the Savile Group, where
she is a Main Board Director.

Helen has worked extensively with women making the transition onto Boards and into Senior Leadership roles. She recently instigated a research project on Women on the Boards leading to the report titled, ‘Board Dynamics; Women on FTSE 100 Boards, A female perspective’.

Closing Remarks – “Providing Global Leadership”

Ansgar Gabrielsen
Former Minster for Trade and Industry
Ansgar Gabrielsen was Minster for Trade and Industry for the conservative party when he launched this crusade to ensure full utilisation of the talent pool by bringing more women onto corporate boards.


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